Sermons in “Essentials of Christianity”

Very Good, But Not God

Once we know who we are, we need to know where we are and how we answer that question determines a lot about how we live. The world we live in is neither junk nor divine, but good because it is made by the same God who made us in his image. That means our relationship between the creation and God is full of purpose!

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We Are Loved Beyond Measure

Who Are We? It’s an essential question that everyone asks because we have a sense that we need a purpose — we need value. Christianity has an answer to this fundamental human question: we are loved by God.

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Help Me Understand This

All of us who are Christians are responsible for sharing our faith with the people around us, but many of us feel unequipped to do that. This series looks at the essentials of our faith using four worldview questions. Yet at the heart of the call is to first and foremost live a questionable life.

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