About Us

We are located in Regina, SK in the Argyle Park community. We exist to demonstrate the love of God to our surrounding community through service, to introduce the people of our community to the person of Jesus Christ, to equip believers so that they can live godly lives in the 21st century, and collectively to worship God in our own voice.

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Jesus forms kingdom community. At Northview we work hard at creating authentic loving community. Our desire is to reflect in our life together the reconciliation that has been established through Jesus. Northview is not just a place to go to church, it’s a loving community to be a part of.



Christianity is not a destination, it’s a journey. We believe that discipleship is for everyone because Christianity is discipleship. We desire to help every person become more like Jesus by  intentionally focusing everything we do together through a discipleship lens. We encourage all disciples to disciple others.

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Life and ministry at Northview is not just about us. We believe that God is on mission, reconciling the world to him self through Jesus. He has called us to participate in mission with him. We have framed our mission this way, “Our mission is to embody Jesus in our neighbourhoods.”

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