About Us

What We Believe

Northview Community Church is a member church of the Free Methodist Church in Canada. We, therefore, believe and endorse the articles of religion of the FMCiC which can be found on their website, www.fmcic.ca, or in PDF here.

Our Vision

Northview is meaningfully and powerfully led by the Holy Spirit through worship and prayer. The church makes a lasting difference in people’s lives, connecting with the surrounding community and wherever God leads. We train as disciples of Jesus, are given the tools for lifelong learning, and serve in ministries where we are gifted. Everyone feels accepted, supported, and genuinely loved by others.

Core Values

  1. Centrality of Scripture
    • We live under the authority of the Bible – the unerring word of God
    • We believe that the Holy Spirit uses scripture to change lives
    • We present biblical truth clearly and practically
    • Our presentation methods may change but the message never will
  2. Meaningful worship
    • We strive to help people develop as worshipers of Jesus Christ
    • We endeavour to help people connect faith and life
    • We design activities to speak to the present culture
    • We believe in the primacy of prayer and in the corporate life of the Church
  3. Excellence in Service
    • We will honour Christ by doing our very best when serving
    • We believe God receives enjoyment when we do our best for Him
    • We celebrate the discovery and use of spiritual gifts
    • We embrace teamwork
  4. Evangelism
    • We will seek those who do not have the assurance of God’s forgiveness
    • We encourage and equip members to befriend seeking people
    • We are deliberate in introducing people to Christ
    • We create an environment that will be inviting to seeking people
    • We desire to have a visible and positive presence in Regina
  5. Fostering Community
    • We will be accepting of people from all ethnic groups, economic status, and family situation
    • We desire to be regarded as a supportive family to its members
    • We regard ministries to children, teens, and adults to be equally important
    • We desire to connect with the people in our community

Our Recent History

In order to more meaningfully serve her community and world, the Regina Free Methodist church has embraced numerous changes: location and name (the church moved to its current location in Argyle Park and changed its name to Northview Community Church in 1990), pastoral leadership, outreach ministries, community involvements and styles of service. Many great leaders in the Free Methodist Church in Canada have been raised and released here, including numerous passionate laypeople, pastors, missionaries and even one Bishop.

In the Winter of 2011, Northview completed its first LifePlan launch, having gathered insight and data in dialogue with both the community within the church (Northview’s people) and the community without the church (North Regina, in particular, Argyle Park and Walsh Acres). Three themes for ministry emerged: Community Connection, Serving the Disadvantaged and Strengthening our Core. All ministries undertaken by Northview aligned with at least one of these themes and at least one of our six core values.

In the Spring of 2013, Northview completed its first Rinse and Repeat process of LifePlan. It was a time to see where we had come from and where we are moving towards. Four themes for ministry emerged from this process:

  1. Diverse Small Groups and Connections
  2. Community Minded
  3. Mentorship and Discipleship
  4. Spirit Led Prayer and Worship

All ministries undertaken by Northview align with at least one of these themes, at least one of our six core values and act as a means towards the realization of Northview’s mission. The same things that were central to this church’s historical identity are central to her identity today: Northview has always been about exploring and expressing faith and love together.

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