Fall 2020

Exploring the Book of Revelation

Without question, the book of Revelation is a difficult book to read and understand. Because of this we often choose not to engage with the book, assuming it has no real relevance for today. Or, we put too much emphasis on it believing it is a coded message telling us about the end of the world. However, Revelation should not be ignored or treated like a treasure map. Rather, the book of Revelation should be understood as a word and challenge to the church from her Lord Jesus. In our current challenging world perhaps no book of the Bible is more important for us to understand and live out today. Therefore, we will be reading Revelation with an eye and ear open for what the Spirit is saying to the church today.

We will be conducting this course in an online format. Please contact Pastor David for meeting code and details at david@northview.sk.ca.

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Wrestling with the Rapture

Article: Bratcher | Article: Wright | Article: Rossing | Article: Boyd & Eddy | Video 1 | Video: Witherington | Video: Wright