Winter 2017

Leadership Group ~ January 21, 2017 (8 am – 12 pm)

Once per quarter everyone who leads a ministry at Northview, or who expresses leadership capacity, are gathered together for a leadership morning. The day is split into two main sections. For the first two hours we focus in on a leadership topic, this time it was The Discipline of Self-Management, and then for the second two hours we divide by gender and do a formational time.

Agenda | Discipline of Self-Management

REMA Devotional

The Regina Evangelical Ministerial Association meets on the third Tuesday of every month to encourage ministry workers and to engage in prayer with each other. On Tuesday, January 17, 2017 Pastor David was asked to lead a devotional. Pastor David focused on the idea that God has called church leadership to equip other leaders to do the work of pastoral ministry (Ephesians 4). Once that priority is established then we need to know what that looks like, so we examined Jesus’ sending of the twelve in ministry (Matthew 10). Please click on the link below for the PDF of the handout.

The Pastoral Task

Paul’s Letter to the Romans, Part II

Romans is, almost without question, one of the most important books in the Christian Bible. In this letter the Apostle Paul systematically lays out his understanding of the gospel, particularly how through the death and resurrection of Jesus, God has fulfilled his plans and purposes of the world. Throughout Church history, fresh readings of Romans has led to widespread revival. It is our desire to understand how the cross of Jesus has become the climax of history and how that event ought to shape us as individuals and as the Church.

Syllabus | Romans 8:1-17 | Romans 8:18-39 | Romans 9:1-18 | Romans 9:19-33 | Romans 10:1-21 | Romans 11:1-24 | Romans 11:25-36 | Romans 12:1-21 | Romans 13:1-14 | Romans 14:1-23 | Romans 15:1-21 | Romans 15:22-16:27