New Sermon Series

Upside Down Kingdom

Sundays from October 15th — December 3rd

When Jesus told a story his listener’s whole world flipped right upside down. The religious elite became the spiritually impoverished and the morally dubious became the first ones into God’s Kingdom. The same holds true today. When we put ourselves under Jesus as Lord and give him permission to remake us gravity lets go and everything flips. The things that were of most importance to us fall right out of our lives and the things which we were running from become the most important things to us. What is happening is a critical shift — we are leaving our kingdom and entering Jesus’s and just like Alice through the looking glass there is a learning curve on how to live in this new kingdom. Jesus doesn’t just flip us, he reorients us so we can actually maneuver in this new context. That’s what the parables of Jesus are all about — world altering stories and instructions.

Series Outline

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