Sermons on “John”

Soul Flip

Salvation is not a status to be obtained, but an entry way to a whole new life. Similar to purchasing a new house, the next step is to inhabit it. Perhaps this means some repair or renovation projects. Maybe some of the old furniture no longer suits. Yet, we don’t renovate ourselves, rather we hand the keys over and trust the graciousness of the host.

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Dealing with Divorce Gracefully

Divorce is not God’s ideal and it’s not usually ours either — but, divorce happens. We want to up hold the kind of kingdom community Jesus envisions, while at the same time practicing the same grace he had for real people. We don’t want to add to the pain people already experience around divorce, we want to bring the healing of grace!

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Northview Community Church - Sermon Series on Women

The Women in Jesus’s Life

Carol reviews the women involved in Jesus’s life and ministry, pointing to the way it makes us aware of how God welcomes men and women equally into his life and ministry.

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Navigating Prayer

If at the heart of prayer is connection with God, rather than wish fulfilment, then what stands in the way of that connection? We need to examine how we are praying; religiously or relationally. We must remember our first calling if we are going to pray in the right direction.

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The Heart of Prayer

Many of us have a vague sense that praying is something we should be doing as Christians but most of us struggle with the task of prayer. In part, that is because we don’t understand what prayer is or why we should go about doing it. This sermon tries to see that at the heart of what prayer is, is an intimate connection to the living God himself.

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Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8

We all go through a time of frustration and weakening strength. We need to continue to enjoy God’s grace and remember that it is him who makes us stand. In Christ we do not need to fear, we can keep moving forward.

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