Sermons on “Romans”

We Are…Worship Driven

We believe that authentic worship is everything that honours God. Worshiping God is the greatest fulfilment of our vocation to be bearers of God’s image. Worship is an individual and corporate whole life offering which is grounded in our regular gathering for that purpose. Worship is about God first and last (Genesis 1:26–30; Exodus 20:1–17; Deuteronomy 6:4–5; Romans 12:1).
Am I worshiping God for who He is and what He’s done, is doing, and will do?

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Become What You Are

Why do some people flourish and some falter? While we can’t put everything onto the home life, it has been shown that people who come from homes where they know they are deeply loved and supported tend to thrive in life. The same is true in the Christian life; by knowing that we are deeply loved by our Father we can go on to deeper depths experiencing God’s grace in our lives.

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Aren’t All Religions Equal?

It seems arrogant, in our age of skepticism, to claim that ours is the true religion and everyone must convert to it to be saved. This sermon provides the rationale of Christianity which provides a unique hope not found in other faiths.

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Each week the people of God receives a benediction. This is more than a last word to wrap up the service, or even a sending of the church back into the world. The benediction is a spoken blessing which has power to shape those receiving it.

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Walk by the Spirit

We might not agree with him or like it, but the apostle Paul reminds us that life is binary. Either we are being ruled by sin or by God. If our real desire is freedom then we have to reject the old ruler and bow to the new one.

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Northview Community Church - Sermon Series on Women

Women’s Work

We have recognized that in Christ Jesus there is no distinction between male and female, that God has called us all to be his ministers. However, we have to also recognize that women are at a disadvantage due to a history of being told they cannot enter all places in the church. So, we need to use our power and influence to empower these members of our body to take up the gifts and vocations that God has called them to.

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The Future is Now!

What would it look like for us to live this story of Jesus in our lives? It would be like a prelude to heaven. Life isn’t about fulfilling arbitrary rules, it’s about being empowered for future living today.

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Peace, Man!

We put ourselves in the hands of a power we thought would free us but only enslaved us and we don’t have the ability to set ourselves free. To do this we cut ourselves off from the only one who has the power to help — what are we going to do? Look up, he has come to rescue us.

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What’s Your Problem?

In the course of this series we have affirmed that we are people created by God in his love for us and we have said that we live in God’s intentionally good creation that he has placed us over as stewards to reflect his image into it, causing it to flourish, and gathering up the praises of all creation and offering them back to God in worship. It begs the question, if God has made things so good why are things so bad? What’s our problem?

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