Sermons by “Mark Dynna”

Sorting Out the Lines

In the place of exile it can be easy to get caught up in either/or thinking which keeps everything polarized. That way we are always getting caught up in both cultural or religious traps. Rather, we are called to look for a third option, that of the kingdom.

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A Plan Which Will Not Fail

God is faithful in delivering us even when we are unfaithful or unworthy, however the caution from Samson (and from Paul) is that we still must strive/seek to be faithful to God’s purposes as God’s justice exacts a price.

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Duplicate Yourself

It is a win when God’s people pursue a life of discipleship and become deeper, more authentic disciples, but we are not the end goal — the kingdom is. When Jesus calls his disciples it’s for them to become disciples who make new disciples. This is the bigger goal of our journey — to create disciples like us.

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