Sermons on “Revelation”

All Things New

It is important to remember, especially during difficult times, that there is coming a time when everything will be made new—that includes us. Those who have suffered and remain faithful to Christ will be glorified. Even more, our glorification has already begun, in Christ Jesus!

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A Loving God Sends People to Hell?

From the culture’s standpoint, the doctrine of hell is one of the most difficult to understand and accept. It seems to distinguish between people (inequality) and calls into question the love of God. This sermon seeks to show that even hell is rooted in God’s love and human (bent) desire.

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It’s Closer Than You Think

For many of us when we hear the word ‘hell’ we conjure up images of deep cavernous pits full of fire, brimstone, suffering souls and devils. On the other hand when we hear the word ‘heaven’ we think of spacious skies filled with happy people and angels. Without denying that the Bible speaks of heaven and hell, we recognize that these ways of thinking about those destinations sometimes blind us to the fact that heaven and hell are ways we choose to live today; life with or without God and life lived in a way that is humanizing or dehumanizing. In short, all kinds of people — both Christian and non —choose to live out a hell on earth. This series is meant to help us see the classical areas when we might be choosing life apart from God and invite us into the life of the resurrection (heaven).

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