Sermons on “5th Sunday of Lent”

Healing is the Work of the Church

If we’ve put divine healing in it’s proper context, then it is clear that divine healing isn’t not just an internal blessing for God’s people. Rather, healing is a gift given to the church for the sake of the world. To use older biblical language for the healing of the nations. The church is meant to be the conduit of God’s blessing to the world. Healing is a part of our witness about Jesus.

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Walk the Walk

For Christian faith to be genuine it must be lived. We don’t need to fear a works based faith because works do not save only Jesus does, but the other side of that salvation is the living character of the saviour.

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Knocking at Heaven’s Door

Too often we are given the impression that God is really hard to find or at least hard to please. But the truth is God has invited us to seek him with the promise of finding him, even more he is seeking us — we’ve just got to open the door.

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