Sermons on “1st Sunday of Lent”

Squash Your Beef

One key attitude adjustment disciples need is to let go of grudges and being right. We need to prefer instead to swallow our pride so that our relationships can be restored.

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Dark Night of the Soul

Some times it can feel as if we have stepped through Alice’s looking glass. As a result up seems to be down and down, up. In that place even God can feel like an enemy. How does faith direct us to function then?

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Northview Community Church - Sermon Series on Women

Reconcilers and Rebels (or Goggles)

Pastor Jody invites us to examine the goggles we wear when it comes to women in ministry. It is important for women to have models of what they can become which is particularly important since we have all been given the ministry of reconciliation.

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‘Blessed’ is a term used in our culture today from winning an award to getting a ride on a cold day. When the religious use the term it has the sense that God has done something positive for us — that’s the way Jesus’ first disciples would have understood the term too, but Jesus flips the whole thing on its head. He calls the things we would normally think of as curses, as blessings. How do we learn to live in this upside down kingdom? By following Jesus.

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