Sermons on “Holy Spirit”

Walk by the Spirit

We might not agree with him or like it, but the apostle Paul reminds us that life is binary. Either we are being ruled by sin or by God. If our real desire is freedom then we have to reject the old ruler and bow to the new one.

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The Gift and Gifts of the Spirit

When we give each other gifts it is usually to express love to another person. That is certainly an element of receiving gifts from the Spirit, but these gifts are not aimed at the individual. Instead, the intent of giving gifts to each individual of the church is to use those gifts to build each other up.

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What Just Happened?

On the day of Pentecost there was a lot of noise and it was clear that something was going on, but no one knew exactly what it was. Some thought it was important and some thought it was a joke. What it was, was God fulfilling his promise to empower his church for mission — exactly what we need today!

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