Sermons on “Healing”

Healing Our Pain

Healing, redemption, and restoration are not simply things we enjoy as individuals. God is all about the community. When God heals us totally that includes our relationships with each other and institutions. Many of us have been through painful experiences in churches. God desires to heal those experiences too. We want to take time to seek him for healing, particularly in this area which is so painful.

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Healing the Whole Person

God is not a service provider. As a result he is not interested in only healing a foot, curing cancer, or any other one-off act. God is about restoring all things. That means he is only interested in healing all of us. Not just who we are today, but our entire past, present, and future. God doesn’t undo what has happened to us, what is happening to us, or what will happen to us. Instead, if we will give it to him, he will redeem it and heal it. As C. S. Lewis notes, heaven works backwards in us.

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Things that Prevent Healing

Divine healing isn’t magic. We do not wield Jesus’s name like an incantation, guaranteeing a prescribed result. Healing is a part of our relationship, rooted in the grand story of God. As a result there are things in our lives that will block healing. In fact, God may be using our suffering to get our attention. The believer must examine themselves in the areas of unbelief, disobedience, unforgiveness, and sin not to make God heal, but to be in right relationship with the healer.

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