Sermons on “2nd Sunday of Lent”

No Time to Fool Around

Our culture tells us that its okay to look as long as we don’t touch. But, the disciple of Jesus knows that looking will lead to touching. So, the disciple maintains the attitude that our relationship with Jesus is the most important thing—too important to fool around with.

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Benefit of the Doubt

From our vantage point and limited understanding, it can be very difficult to know just what God is doing. So, it’s important that we don’t jump to a negative conclusion. We need to allow God to work out his will, knowing that he is bringing the best.

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Northview Community Church - Sermon Series on Women

Women’s Work

We have recognized that in Christ Jesus there is no distinction between male and female, that God has called us all to be his ministers. However, we have to also recognize that women are at a disadvantage due to a history of being told they cannot enter all places in the church. So, we need to use our power and influence to empower these members of our body to take up the gifts and vocations that God has called them to.

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Say What!?

Blood is thicker than water is a message that some of us have had drilled into us. That seems to be the natural bent — look after your own. What about outsiders though? How are we to be with them? Even worse, what about enemies? Jesus has some shocking things to say in that area and we’re not quite ready to hear them!

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