Sermons on “Discipleship”


It is always tempting to follow the crowd to get to where we are going. However, Jesus reminds us that following the crowd is also a great way to not get to where we want to go. In fact, the right way may be the road less traveled.

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Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

How do we get God to do for us what we wish? That’s often how we frame things to ourselves because we carry an assumption that God is hard, distant, or stingy. But, that’s just the same old lie that we have believed from the beginning. The truth is, God our Father desires to give us good things.

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Not Everything Goes

“Sin boldly!,” cries Martin Luther. Luther had come face to face with the gospel of God’s grace in Jesus Christ. This transformed his fear over his sin and his standing before God into confidence. What he did not mean is that we are to be sinful or lawless. Jesus says much the same—the Law has not passed away, but has been fulfilled.

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Lose Yourself

Eminem poses the question, “Look, If you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?” This is an echo of Jesus’s teaching, that we need to make the most of every opportunity because we have been called for a purpose.

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It’s A Hard Knock Life

What do we need to know to follow Jesus? Fortunately, he is upfront and he lays out what being his disciple entails. To begin with it doesn’t look like a Sunday school picnic. In fact, discipleship with Jesus is equal to being a prophet of old. It’s a rough gig, but it is ultimately worthwhile.

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We Are…Discipleship Focused

We believe that God is transforming us into the image of his Son. This means that we are intentionally submitting ourselves to be re-formed through daily practices that lead to spiritual growth. We also recognize that at the heart of our mission as a church, we are to disciple others through those same daily practices (Matthew 28:18–20; Romans 12:2).
Am I intentionally being discipled and am I engaged in discipling others?

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Become What You Are

Why do some people flourish and some falter? While we can’t put everything onto the home life, it has been shown that people who come from homes where they know they are deeply loved and supported tend to thrive in life. The same is true in the Christian life; by knowing that we are deeply loved by our Father we can go on to deeper depths experiencing God’s grace in our lives.

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Sometimes when we don’t know ourselves well, we can be blind to things that will commonly trip us up and cause us to repeat the same mistakes over and over.  Lets explore how to lift the blinders and start seeing ourselves for who we really are.

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Northview Community Church - Sermon Series on Women

At the Feet of Jesus

Building on Carol’s sermon the week before, Tiffany draws attention to the way Jesus subverts the cultural expectation by embracing Mary as a disciple which points us to the inclusive nature of God.

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